Circulation Services

Circulation service is the process of making available the library materials to users. Check-in and checkout functions are performed at the circulation desk. Circulation desk is the “reception room” of the library where the user gets information regarding the use of the library.

Lending library materials is one of the basic functions offered. Circulation policy is therefore devised to govern stock circulation of the library. Circulation policy serves both being informative and prohibitive by maintaining library regulations, by-laws and issuing systems.

Issuing system is used as a circulation management tool by answering the following basic questions:

• Who has library materials on loan
• Which materials are on loan
• When are materials due to return

In relation to book lending, circulation policy is judged by the:

• Effectiveness of the lending policy
• Technical efficiency of the issuing system
• Effectiveness of the administrative procedures

Lending procedures should be:

• Simple for the public to use
• Simple for the library to operate
• Integrated with the rest of the library system
• Economical

There are three ways of getting books from the library:

1. A two-week Loan: a privilege of borrowing a book for a two-week period.
2. A Semester Loan: a privilege of a loan for those who engage in teaching activities. And items from the Book Store
3. Reserve Book Loan: a loan for only an hour for spot reading within the library due to high demand or rarity of the book.

The library uses pocket-issuing system for lending books. The number of books users can borrow is determined by the academic work one accomplishes. In order to realize a book loan, a user will be provided with single book-pocket with specified privileges.

The book pocket is a receipt for the user who returns a book borrowed from the library. If the circulation assistant cannot find the book pocket of the user who returns the book, s/he shall give the user a written receipt.

A registered user has a right to borrow a book. To borrow a book, the user shall provide a valid book pocket. The user may renew a book for a further period of time if and only if the book is not overdue and/or another user does not require the book. All the library materials in circulation may be subject to immediate recall in any forceful case.

If the book is overdue and no one user needs it, it may be renewed only after the overdue fines have been paid. If a book that a user needs has been checked out, a user with immediate need may request it by filling the Reserve Request Slip at the circulation desk. The user who requests it must check out the book reserved in this manner within three days.

Reference books are tools for general, factual and accurate information. Due to their special nature and daily use by all types of users, REFERENCE MATERIALS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE TAKEN OUT OF THE LIBRARY. Some reference tools are Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Handbooks, Abstracts, Manuals, Thesis, etc.

Periodicals are not meant for loan outside the library. However, instructors and researchers may be granted the privilege to borrow periodicals for a restricted period of time. For this purpose, Periodical Spot Reading Slip will be used.

To make the best use of the library, the user should contact the circulation assistant because the library is closed stack. Users can consult public catalogue for their book selection. Users should consult the librarian for readers' advisory services, reference services, and administrative matters.