Vision and Mission


Ambo University Library vision is to be recognized as an excellent international respected academic library in Africa.


In an attempt to achieve the mission of the university, Ambo University Library Team has the mission of collecting, preserving and providing access to books, journals, manuscripts, documents, and other records of knowledge held in an ever expanding range of print and digital media in support of the University instruction, research, and community services. The team has the following functions which enable attain its mission.


  • The University Library Team is committed to fulfilling the varied information needs of the university by collecting, organizing and preserving recorded knowledge in all forms and by providing dynamic library services based on these material resources. The collection should include a wide range of books, basic monographs, a selection of core journals in different formats, the standard reference tools, selected CD-ROM databases, online information sources and documents pertaining to different subject areas.
  • Organizing and arranging those materials in a systematic order.
  • The University Library Team accepts responsibility for maintaining high standards of performance and for partaking in the development of library services.
  • The University Library Team is faithful to the concept of academic freedom and recognizes such freedom, accompanied by responsibility, attached to all aspects of a Librarian’s professional conduct.
  • The University Library Team supports and serves the University, its students and staff in an ever-changing environment.
  • The University Library Team builds and maintains balanced collection of information sources that support the teaching, learning, research, and service activities of the University. It collects information sources that are believed to be useful for the curriculum and research programs of the University as selected by the teaching staffs, researchers, librarians and students in cooperation with the library and information professionals.
  • The University Library Team promotes learning by enhancing the University Library Team through informing members and others of library resources and services; encouraging gifts of service, money and materials; encouraging use of library resources; and providing a forum for sharing an interest in the world of knowledge.
  • The University Library Team identifies and builds a data base of suppliers of information sources in all formats.
  • The University Library Team develops criteria for selection of suppliers of information sources in all formats and submits the same for the University Management for approval.